SCOUSE HOUSE - (installation view of SCOUSE HOUSE Volume II - A Liverpool Pavilion, October 2015)


SCOUSE HOUSE is an ongoing exhibition based platform aiming to increase awareness nationally and internationally of artistic practice indigenous to Liverpool, provide important advocacy for this production and collectively garner essential criticality around such production happening in the city.


The 1st edition of  SCOUSE HOUSE took place in Nottingham at Syson in July 2015

The 2nd edition of SCOUSE HOUSE took place in Warrington as part of NORTH Festival in October 2015




Out of Sight - (an exhibition within an exhibition at the Grundy Art Gallery, February 2015)


Various artistic experiments or 'tricks' were conducted with Blackpool schoolchildren looking at the question 'how can we make something disappear?' and how it might begin to be answered in the process of making an artwork. The result was an exhibition of works that appeared and disapeared, whilst revealing and concealing themselves over and over again.

Taking its title from a chapter within Karl Fulves instruction manuel 'Easy Magic', the exhibition could similarly be considered an exercise in revealing and explaining the impossible, and as the magician himself put it: "There are a number of strong magical effects that occur when the apparatus is out of sight momentarily. This may happen when the magician places the apparatus behind his back. It could also happen when the spectator holds the apparatus; he closes his eyes for a moment, and then opens them to discover that a magical transformation has taken place"


Further images of the exhibition can be seen here 



MODEL - (installation view of TOMTOM, September 2014) 


MODEL was a flexible, experimental and research based platform for artist-led activity in Liverpool. Programmed to coincide with Liverpool Biennial 2014 it punctuated the festival with exhibitions, performances, professional development activities and an evolving store. Presenting newly commissioned works, ideas and dialogue around the sustainability of future artist-led projects in the city.  

MODEL was co-curated by Kevin Hunt, Dave Evans and Frances Disley between July and November 2014, and continues to programme research alongside other activity today.


Further images and information about our programme can be seen here

An interview with The Double Negative can be seen here



A GRAND FINALE - (live performance with magician and audience within an installation of sculpture and screen printed objects at The Old Blind School, October 2014)


On the final day of Liverpool Biennial 2014 a live performance reflected on the spectacular within the everyday, revealing how decoration and illusion may go hand in hand.


Further images and a film documenting the performance can be seen here

An interview with Liverpool Biennial can be seen here 



Sans Voir (with Harry Meadley) - (3 hour private view performance with 32 'practice objects' by Sean Edwards contained in boxes at MODEL, October 2014)


Further images of the performance and associated works can be seen here



easy does it - (installation view at Aid & Abet, June 2013)


easy does it was an evolving trilogy of exhibitions examining the complexity inherent within the simplest of actions.

Bringing together works by Carwyn Evans, Fiona Curran, Hannah James, Jo Addison, Jo Coupe, Leo Fitzmaurice, Littlewhitehead, Sean Edwards, Tom Godfrey and Tom Ireland alongside Hunt's own, the exhibitions sought to question the highly crafted time consuming pursuit of making art via a conglomeration of objects and artefacts created with ease. Presenting a world where the seemingly trivial can be proven to produce powerful and surprisingly sublime effects. 

easy does it toured David Dale Gallery & Studios in Glasgow, Aid & Abet in Cambridge and Supercollider in Blackpool throughout 2013. 


Further images of the three exhibitions can be seen here 

Each week for the duration of easy does it at Aid & Abet, two questions were posed and answered in a series of brief conversations between Kevin Hunt and an artist in the exhibition. These interviews can be read below

#1 Jo Addison / #2 Sean Edwards / #3 Tom Ireland 



BIG MASSIVE WORK - (installation detail of SICK AS by Dan Moynihan at SUPERNORMAL Festival, August 2013)       


|BMW|, a roving project space for the presentation of experimental large-scale work, is a fledgling curatorial project by artists Sam Venables and Kevin Hunt. 

Presenting an autonomous platform for the production and re-contextualisation of inventive work whilst existing to bridge the gap between the monumentality of the solo exhibition and the ephemerality of the festival, colliding the two together within the back of the artists' car, exploring the idiosyncrasies of a life on the road.

Driving by Edinburgh Annuale with an exhibition by Mike Pratt, 12th - 13th June 2013; SUPERNORMAL Festival with an exhibition by Dan Moynihan, 9th - 11th August 2013 and Ceri Hand Gallery Summer Fete with an exhibition by Calum Crawford, Saturday 17th August 2013.


|BMW| trailers for each exhibition can be seen here  



ARTIST-LED HOT 100 - (commissioned text) 


The ARTIST-LED HOT 100 is an artwork by Kevin Hunt that aims to draw attention to some of the most superb activity being facilitated by emerging independent artists and curators right now in the UK.

Formulated around a subjective scale of nonsensical proportions, organisations are rated on notions of provision, beauty, recommendation, favouritism, friendship and function alongside the importance of highlighting the obscure and those out on a limb. The final list charts the galleries, curatorial projects, publishing groups, studio collectives, platforms, commissioners and critical movers and shakers of the artist-led world at this specific moment in time in no real specific order.


The ARTIST-LED HOT 100 was commissioned by a-n as part of a Signpost publication in July 2013 which can be read here



CAVE Art Fair - (installation view, September 2012)


CAVE was an artist-led art fair for the city of Liverpool coinciding with the opening weekend of Liverpool Biennial 2012. Presenting 45 of the UK's most exciting unrepresented artists at that time whilst taking no commission or exhibition fee from those participating; CAVE was a new model of art fair.

CAVE was directed by Kevin Hunt and Flis Mitchell - September 13th - 16th 2012 


Further images of CAVE Art Fair can be seen here 



Space Exchange - (installation view at Aid & Abet, October 2011)


As part of Space Exchange at Aid & Abet, The Royal Standard presented an assortment of objects acquired by the organisation over the previous 5 years. Since 2006 The Royal Standard has worked with hundreds of artists, curators and organisations through a diverse programme of exhibitions and events, performances, publications, artist residencies and offsite projects alongside providing studio space to a wide range of artists and designers: a process which over time inevitably results in the accumulation of a multiplicity of stuff. By re-examining and exhibiting this collection of abandoned artworks, loose ends and remnants of things that have happened at The Royal Standard, an order is provided to our accrued mass of detritus. Questioning perceived notions of ownership and authorisation, acquisition and presentation whilst quashing hierarchies between what may and may not seem important, the eventual 'display' seen during Space Exchange forming the basis of a permanent collection at The Royal Standard.



DEADPAN - (installation view at The Royal Standard during Liverpool Biennial 2010) 


With a good glug of irony and a sarcastic nod, DEADPAN gave a kick up the arse to the utter mess of an art world at a point of oversaturation by questioning strategies used by artists to make new work. Considering mimicry and the referential alongside the blatancy of homage, DEADPAN presented with barefaced cheek a 'pastichised' viewpoint of art with lampooning consequenses; providing a glimpse into the dirty world of satire within contemporary art today.

David Sherry / Jamie Shovlin / Jess Flood-Paddock / Jock Mooney / Josephine Flynn / Laura Ford / Laurina Paperina / Miles Thurlow / Noel Clueit / Toby Huddlestone 



SALE - (installation view at The Royal Standard, January 2009)


SALE transformed the white walled galleries at The Royal Standard into an 'Art Superstore' stocked with hundreds of artworks by over 80 artists including a vibrant array of paintings, sculpture, drawing, film, intervention and photography selected from some of the most exciting emerging and more established artists from across the UK and beyond.

SALE presented constant special offers to tempt you into buying that 'must have' artwork with prices from a few pounds to a few thousand, fluctuating as artists profiles soared and dived and it was up to the customer to buy when the price was right... "Remember, when it's gone, it's gone!" 

Stocking a wide range of artists including Jo Addison, Craig Atkinson, Ayling & Conroy, Savay Berriman, David Blandy, Andrew Bracey, Shane Bradford, Rhys Coren, Michael Cousin, Martyn Cross, Fiona Curran, Gordan Dalton, Craig Fisher, James R Ford, Stephen Forge, Adam Goodge, Lesley Halliwell, Sean Hawkridge, Aaron Herad, Neil Hedger, Toby Huddlestone, Hilary Jack, Brendan Jamison, David Kefford, Simon Liddiment, Hayley Lock, Nicki McCubbing, KAte Parrott, Dan Perjovski, Chirs Poolman, Liz Rowe, Sam Venables, Nick White, Rachel Wilberforce, Jeremy Willett and many many more...